Getting Started

Ready to try your first workout at Black Label CrossFit? Great! We’ll help you get started right away. We invite everyone who is interested in our gym to come in for a free introductory workout. These free sessions are held every week; all you need to do is send us an e-mail or call our offices to let us know you are coming.

Your first workout will be done with one of our CrossFit coaches. During this session we’ll take the time to get to know you a little better, understand your goals, and make a recommendation for you to get started.

At Black Label CrossFit, we work with everyone from teens to grandparents in their 50s and 60s. To help everyone find the best results possible, we offer a variety of programs that cater to different fitness levels, previous CrossFit experience, and personal preferences. You can read more about our programs below, or you can also visit our location to watch a class in action.


The core of our facility is focused on group CrossFit classes. Here, you’ll always be led by a coach and working amongst friends to get the workout of the day (WOD) completed. The CrossFit method is based on high-intensity workouts that incorporate a variety of exercises from weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance and more. It’s also the most effective training program to get more athletic all around. This challenging, yet accepting and encouraging environment, is perfect for anyone as our workouts can be scaled to your personal abilities. Before starting our CrossFit classes, you will go through our On-Ramp Program. This will prepare you for the CrossFit sessions!


The emphasis of On-Ramp is on skill development and exposure to our basic movements. We are going to be hammering technique—both to ensure your safety—and success at the next level.  We will introduce you to technique and mechanics first, then intensity.  We will be showing you movements that begin with the relatively non technical and progressively more technical.  In each of the 12 classes you will learn movements that will build on one another.

Once the foundations are introduced, the On Ramp will continually progress to expose you to our movement curriculum.  Movement techniques will be drilled as well as a progressive introduction to the intensity levels that are inherent in our CrossFit classes.

The difficulty of these workouts is ultimately in your hands. The degree that you push yourself will determine how much success you achieve.

Our On-Ramp classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday’s at 6:30PM. This is a 4 week program and requires registration. Please email to enroll.

During the On-Ramp program you are welcome to attend BootCamp sessions on the days that On Ramp is not offered.

Boot Camp

BootCamp is a high intensity interval workout. In this class, you’ll still work with a coach in a supportive group environment. The primary difference between BootCamp and CrossFit are the barbell movements. CrossFit has a bit more of a strength focus, while BootCamp is more body weight movements. Be ready to move, jump, and sweat!!!

Whatever you do, don’t call BootCamp “easy.” These workouts will challenge you no matter your fitness level!!!

Personal Training

We understand that group training isn’t for everyone, in fact, many of our coaches prefer to work with members on a one-on-one basis. Personal training is perfect if you prefer a little more individualized attention such as programming based solely on your goals and nutrition coaching specifically for you and your body type. Personal training is also a great place to start if you have never worked out before or are returning to physical activity after an accident or injury. To find out more about personal training at Black Label CrossFit please email our Personal Training Department at