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jen brown

Today, we’d like to recognize JENNIFER BROWN as the CrossFitter of the Month for OCTOBER!

Jenn has been doing CrossFit since 2013, and it has been such a fun journey to have her here at Black Label CrossFit.  She has improved DRAMATICALLY over the past couple of years and even just in the past 6 months.

She is a mom of two, and works a full time job, and still makes time for her health and fitness.  You know when she shows up, that she will put in the work.  She has been nothing but consistent throughout her journey here and she has been such a joy to have in class.  The coaches have enjoyed coaching her and watching her improve.  She is always eager to learn and puts in the extra work to be better in all areas.

She brings great energy and a great attitude every time she is here.  We are so excited to have her here and excited to watch her improve even more!

She is a big part of this place and we are honored to have her here.

Congratulations Jennifer!!

We are proud to have you here at Black Label CrossFit!

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