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Today, we’d like to recognize Kerrey Lesher as the CrossFitter of the Month for March!

Kerrey has been doing CrossFit here at Black Label since September 2016!  It has been so much fun watching her make her health and fitness a priority even through her crazy busy schedule!  She has progressed A LOT since September, and not only with her performance but her physique too!

“There are many times she has came in here with only a couple hours of sleep with her schedule, and she still comes in with such a great attitude, and puts in the work.”- Coach Kelly Hayes

She has been dedicated ever since she decided to jump on board.  Her attitude and energy are contagious and the members really enjoy having her in class.  She is always looking for ways to improve and pushes her self every time she is here.  We look forward to watching her improve even more.

Congratulations Kerrey!! We are so glad to have you here, and are proud to have you here at Black Label CrossFit!



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