CrossFitter of the Month for July is…

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sean linkkk

Today, we’d like to recognize Sean Link as the CrossFitter of the Month for JULY!

Sean has only been doing CrossFit here at Black Label for a little over 5 months now, and it is crazy how much he has improved since he has been here.  Ever since he has started, he has been consistent each week on showing up and putting in work.  He is always looking for ways to improve and works hard to get better in every area.

Even after long work hours, he still shows up with a great attitude and works hard.  We have loved working with him every day and it has been fun to watch him improve.  We are eager to see what else this journey holds for him.

We are honored to have him here, and look forward to watching him progress even more!

Congratulations Sean!!

We are proud to have you here at Black Label CrossFit!

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